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Lions Breath Carts

Lions Breath carts is a cannabis vape cart, and the name Lions Breath came from a famous yoga step known as “The Lions Breath”. The name (Lions Breath) represents its superiority and quality than others. You will understand it after knowing it’s the creation process. 

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Lion Breath Carts || Premium Cannabis Vape Carts 2021


Cannabis vapes have become a trend of this decade; the old and young both generations are fond of using vape carts like lion breath carts. For those, of you don’t have any idea about cannabis vape cart; basically, it’s an electric cigarette infused with cannabis extract and examples include; off white thc vape carts, big chief carts, tko carts, bloom carts, clear chronic cartridges , pax era pods and a handful of others.

Vape carts like lions breath carts  are an excellent way to get high. Patients with massive pain often consider taking cannabis; doctors are also prescribing THC for medication. And the rest have it for recreation, cannabis is a great way to relax, and concentrate.


There are plenty of cannabis brands right now in the US, but very few have premium quality. Lions Breath Cart is one of them. It has superior THC blend and aroma of potent cannabis strains. You will disappear in your imagination; Lions Breath carts cartridge will take you on a journey to explore the galaxy.

lions breath carts


The CDC as of late declared it found a connection between the lung wounds and nutrient E acetic acid derivation that occasionally is utilized as a diluent in THC vaping items. In spite of the fact that authorities are not precluding other potential causes.

“In view of discoveries to date, CDC suggests that people not use e-cigarettes, or vaping items that contain THC, particularly those procured from casual sources like companions, relatives, or face to face or online sellers,” the CDC said in the report. “What’s more, people ought not add some other substances to items not proposed by the maker. Including items bought through retail foundations.”

Lions Breath Cartridges

Lions Breath vape cartridges are made in California US; the brand collects its primary product in authorized private farms. Farmers grow their marijuana very sophisticatedly; Lion’s breath carts has strict regulations for keeping their cannabis natural. So, the farmers use 100% organic way, no fertilizer or other chemicals for the cannabis plant. 

The farmers grow the marijuana buds, then comes the expert budtenders team; they are very experienced with cannabis extraction. Lions Breath cartridges producers collects their Cannabis bud in a cryogenic process. They freeze the whole flower and take them into the lab. The freshness stays intact, and the cannabis essence amuses you. 

Lions Breath carts come from a proper distillation process, which is done in the laboratory. The brand has experienced chemists who follow chemically certified heat and temperature to create transparent, glossy golden and thick THC oil

After THC extraction, the extract goes for quality control and safety checking centre. The whole batch waits for the NOC report, if the batch maintains sound quality and safety, they launch the product.  

Where To Buy Lions Breath Carts Online

looking for where to buy Lions Breath carts that is noted to have an excellent product distribution system. You can find the lions breath carts in Medical dispensary stores and other online cannabis shops

Though there are many counterfeit products in online stores, you should try looking for a trusted seller or authorized store online. 

If you are looking for a shop recommendation, you can order from this site , HERE . This shop has an excellent delivery service; the shop offers 100% authentic Lions Breath carts and other vape cartridges online. 

Buy Lions Breath Cart in New York

 Cannabis Stores from all over the US will deliver your ordered product to Newyork at your doorstep. You can also try ordering from their Official website HERE . The official site will offer you the retail price, but you have to buy lions breath carts ny in a large portion. 

Lions Breath carts have a high-level THC presence in the oil (94%), and 0.3g of CBD extract in the vape cart. 

Don’t consider buying cheap and fake cannabis vape cart. Counterfeit products are harmful to internal health,

 stay safe and stay high with premium cannabis vape carts, Lions Breath vape Cart.

lions breath carts


Lions Breath Vape Carts Quality

Lions Breath vape carts is made with strict QC manners, which you have already learned. The thick extract oil stays much longer than any other regular cannabis vape carts. The terpenes increase the efficiency of the lion breath cartridge.

You can create more thick clouds with Lions Breath vape carts. The cart has a durable, removable battery in it, which you can use for more prolonged use. 

The lions breath vape carts automizers is lightweight, small and easy to carry. Now you can bring your Lions Breath vape carts into your holidays. A short break from daily life will help you to go back in the everyday mechanical life. 

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Lions Breath Extracts

Lions Breath cart extracts are available with lovely strains and flavor variants. Lions Breath has almost more than Fifteen plus flavored carts right now.

Favorite flavors such as Chemdawg, OG kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Trainwreck, Cherry Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, Blueberry, Sour Diezel, Sour Diezel, Skywalker OG, Mango Kush, Tahoe OG, Gushers are nowadays first picked carts. 


Different flavored strain variants are researched and customized by a group of chemists in Lions Breaths facility in California. Those experts are working tirelessly to create new flavors for you and increase your liberty to choose new cartridge options for getting high every day. 


Mainly there are three strains of popular cannabis Hybrid, Sativa and Indica. People love to have the base flavours, but the flavour variants create a wonderful after taste in your mouth. Practically, when you get high, you will feel creative and refreshed at that moment; the fragrance inside the THC extract will make your mood better and make you satisfied with the entire experience. 

lions breath carts flavors

Some common and most selling lions breath carts flavors in the market recorded are as below:

  • Lions Breath Strawberry Cough


Lions Breath Strawberry Cough strain is a customized cannabis strain. If you have tried, you already know, and if you haven’t, then you have already guessed the flavour of this strain, yes! It has a strawberry flavour in it.

You will feel the freshness of strawberry in your first hit. Lions Breath is very focused in their extracts potency; the intense strawberry flavour will blow your mind after getting high. You will slowly feel the good stuff after a couple of hits, the sweet and sourness of the strain will make you comfortable; you smile like a baby and enjoying the psychedelic experience. 


  • Lions Breath Sour Diesel  

Do you like sour and tangy flavors? If yes then this strain is a party for you. Lions Breath Sour Diesel is an amusing cannabis strain for its acidic taste.

You can feel it’s magic in the first hit; probably you will get goosebumps for the extra kick in it. The lions breath sour diesel carts  symbolizers all of the citrusy flavor and tanginess. The THC in this lions breath carts will blow your mind, and the sourness will also double team with it.